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Assignment MIS 211

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Assignment 1:

Based on your company name answer the following questions:

Lecture 1:
1. Give a brief introduction of the company and How it works?
2. What is Data, Information Systems, and Information in the company system (examples)?
3. What are the three dimension of Information system?
4. If you were setting up Web sites for your company, what management, organization, and technology issues might you encounter?

5. Does the company achieve the six strategic objectives via Information system? Explain each point.

Lecture 2:
6. In your company, explain the Physical resources flow, Virtual resources flow, and close loop feedback?

Lecture 3:
7. Describe the relationship between information systems and business processes in your company?
8. In your company, for each type of IS, give examples of data input, information output, managers, decision, and question to be answered?
9. In your company, list the benefits of using ERP, SCM, CRM, and KMS?

Lecture 4:
Construct relational tables for your company organizations.

Assignment 2:

Building database for a hotel

1. Follow the sheet given in class to Create database system for hotel
2. Each group has to email me the access file
3. Each student individually has to come to my office for grade evaluation

Objective of this assignment:

1. To know how the database works and its benifets
2. To know how to create tables, forms, queries
3. To know how table relationship works throgh lookup fields

You will be asked some of the following questions during grade evaluation:

  1. How to create a new database?
  2. How to create table?
  3. In the table view, What is the differences between "Design view" and "Datasheet view"?
  4. How to add new field in a table?
  5. How to change the datatype of the fields?
  6. How to delete, rename a table?
  7. How to filter record?
  8. How to create Query?
  9. How to create forms?
  10. In the forms, What are the differences between "Design view", "Form view" and "Layout view"?
  11. How to create Reports?
  12. How to print a report?
  13. How to create lookup column? (which display a list of values that you can choose from)?
  14. How to create lookup column in a table? (Relationships)


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