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Welcome to MIS211 course ..Goodluck......

Materials and References MIS 211

Lecture notes are Microsoft PowerPoint slides used by the instructor during lectures. They are fairly detailed and comprehensive (typically between 20-30 slides per lecture). Suggested study strategy: write your comments during lecture and read the notes carefully after class. We will be distributing lecture notes in class at the beginning of each lecture.

Course Books / References

K. Laudon, J. Laudon, Management Information Systems, Pearson, 11th edition, 2010

Raymond Mcleod, Jr. George Schell, Management Information Systems, Prentice Hall, 10th Edition 2006.

Book Website: Click here

Web References are:

1.General System Model of the Firm (click here) or here for ppt

2. System Approach (click here)


1. Microsoft Access 2007:
These Lessons are to learn more about Access and database.

For advanced practicing Access 2007, you can see these lessons


2. Microsfot Word 2007 :

Page formating: margins, orientation (portait, landscape), headers and footers, coverpage and page border

Column formatting (single column, doubl and multiple column)

Paragraph formatting:
Paragraph Alignment, Indent Paragraphs, Borders and Shading, Apply Styles, Create Links, Spacing Betweline spacing

Font formatting: Font size and colors

Numbered and bulleted list

Picture and objects: insert and edit picture and equation

Create Table of Contents

To learn more about Word 2007 click here


3. Microsoft Excel 2007 : This reference is to learn more about Excel in English and you can print out as you like


4. Microsoft Power Point 2007: These Lessons are to learn more about MS Power point.


5. How E-Commerce works (practical)


Here also Qusestion and Answers page


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