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Welcome to MIS211 course ..Goodluck......

Course Syllabus MIS 211


This course presents the concepts, terminology and structure of management information systems and overviews the roles of information technologies in organizations. It presents the systems approach used for building management information systems in organizations. Special attention is given to the functions of database and eCommerce security in the management information system

Course Description

Instructor: Eng. Hashem Alaidaros

Teaching Staff

Satarday 11:30 am - 12 pm
Monday 11:30 am - 12 pm

Other than office hours, the instructor may be contacted by appointment. Email is strongly encouraged!

Office hours

Lecture notes are Microsoft PowerPoint slides used by the instructor during lectures. They are fairly detailed and comprehensive (typically between 20-30 slides per lecture). Suggested study strategy: write your comments during lecture and read the notes carefully after class. We will be distributing lecture notes in class at the beginning of each lecture.


Raymond Mcleod, Jr. George Schell, Management Information Systems, Prentice Hall, 10th Edition 2006

Course Books / References

Wall mounted lecture board and computer data show

Teaching Aids

This is a course about Information Technology and several assignments require use of a PC. Students can use either their own PC or the facilities of the college lab.

Computer facilities


Student performance will be evaluated during and after completion of the course according to the following breakdown:

Quiz (3)


Assignment (3)


Mid Term


Final Exam




Three quizzes will be given to student and graded. Assignments are due in class during the due dates. In special circumstances (e.g., illness, holidays) we'll try to be accommodating, if you make arrangements with us in advance. Late assignments will be penalized by 10% per 24 hours if you have not made arrangements in advance, and will not be accepted at all 48 hours after the time due.

There are several ways to earn "Class Contribution" points. First and foremost is to come prepared for class, ask questions that other students want to know the answer to, and give clear, brief answers to questions I ask. Second is to be quiet and concentrated in the class.

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